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Football cover

This was shot for a high school football feature that the Stephens papers do every fall.  I had been salivating over an article posted by the Strobist.  So. Many. Lights!  Look at that edge, look at that…awesome!  I wanted to get that look.  What I didn’t have was a dozen lights and mods.  So a friend and I set out with a Novatron pack and a handfull of speedlights.

Fortunately it was about to storm and we were only about 20 yards from the nearest power outlet.  This knocked down the sun a bit and gave us a cool background.  We ran 3 heads on full power from the 240 pack, one head directly over the camera shooting down and the other two at his shoulders.

One SB-24 shot through an umbrella to camera left for fill and the other was over his left shoulder.  It would be better from his right side, but we were about five minutes in front of a thunderstorm.  Lights kept blowing over, it’d start to sprinkle and we’d have to shut down the Novatron…we had our hands full.

Maybe with a bit more time we could have nailed Bunting’s look, probably not though without the strips and proper grids.  For 15 minutes total with low power equipment I think we did allright.

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  1. Justin Schulz Jun 18th 2010

    Bad ass, Geoff! I’m so happy that you’re getting to pursue photography. I’m extremely jealous! Best of luck to you!