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This past weekend my little brother got married!  I know, it’s a pretty big deal.  Anyway, I’d like to share a few photos of his beautiful bride (my new sister-in-law) and I hope you enjoy.

1/10, 5.6, ISO 200

Click through for more! These pictures were taken at Michelangelo’s in Conway in their beautiful rooftop dining area.  I had never been there but I will be back for sure.  The staff was amazingly kind and helpful, location was obviously amazing and I hear the food is great.  If you’re ever in town you should check it out. Anyway, most (maybe all) of these were taken with the Pentax K20, 16-50 DA* lens.  The light setups were mostly two strobe affairs.  This one was a bit over-exposed, but I wound up liking the effect.

1/6, 5.6 at 100…Have I mentioned the quality of Pentax’s SR?

In a variation on that theme, here’s one almost properly exposed. Again with the K20, alien bee and an SB hitting the wall almost exactly where I wanted it.  Not quite enough spill control here…I’ll be cutting up more cereal boxes soon.

Above, 1/1250, 5,6, ISO 80.  Below, 1/180, 13, ISO 280

Two cameras, same light.  The photo above came from my secret weapon, the Panasonic LX3.  Below that, the K20.  The output is remarkably similar, but in this case I prefer the LX3.  Since the LX3 syncs at up to 1/2000, a speed light on 1/4 is more than enough to drown out the sun.  The Pentax, despite the far superior sensor and glass, can only sync at 1/180.  The same flash at full power barely made an appearance. SO I’ll be keeping the LX3 in the bag just for such occasions.

1/60 at 5.6, ISO 100

This is a sweet spot for the Pentax and that lens.  It’s a bit soft wide open but stopped down it’s as sharp as anyone would need.

1/90 at f4 iso 100

One more.  This is the one she picked for her bridal portrait.  A bit edgy, but I like it.

1/90 at f4, ISO 100

For the finished version of this we added 3 inches to the side and ’shopped the chair out of the back.  Fedex, by the way, does a SPECTACULAR print on canvas. That is all. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Jonathan Phillips Jun 21st 2010

    What a babe!