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First post!

This is my first post on this website.  Thus far I’ve only deleted the whole thing once and lost the password twice.  Good times!  Anyway, on with a photo.

This was taken tonight with a Pentax K10 using a 16-50 DA* lens.  Exposure was 15″ at F8 and ISO 100.

Despite recent additions to the arsenal, the K10 is still around because Pentax no longer makes a camera without automatic dark frame subtraction for long exposures.  SO, the 10 is here for lightning, fireworks and night shots.  Those three things are what got me into photography in the first place and why I bought the K10.

Tripod, cable release, motor drive…after that I just sit back and watch.  Seems to be the best way to shoot lightning.  Both of these were adjusted in lightroom.  Cropped, leveled and a saturation boost.  Forgive the strong blues.  Sometimes I just like the colors to yell at me :-)

Last one tonight.  This actually had the same processing applied as the last, but the lightning really blew out the sky.  Both of these were, unfortunately, overexposed and slightly out of focus.  A friend called as I was shooting more of the train station and asked for this view.  I was afraid I’d miss the shot so I left it with the same exposure as the train station…a bit hot for the dome.  Oh well.

This blogging thing is going to be fun!

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