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I'm learning about things

This page is a testament to that. Today I'm learning how to publish a Github Page and markdown. Ideally, this can serve as a presentable way to share things I'm working on.

One of my favorite projects recently is our Staff Portal. It's pretty basic but is somehow the 5th most popular page on our website. Considering it's only used by 120 people, I'm fairly proud of that.

Recently, we needed a quick iframe container for a registration form, so I re-used the header, menu and footer from the Staff Portal on our "Welcome Home" page.

If you're here looking for an easy way to brand Pastor's Toolbox to fit your church website, "Welcome Home" is what you're lookign for.

I've refined these pages as I've learned more about HTML and CSS. Every website I've dealt with in the past 13ish years has been Wordpress based, so it's refreshing and fun to re-learn how to create a page in a text editor. As my dad would say, "I'm slow, but I do bad work".

Other things I'm learning about

Github is pretty cool. We (briefly) employed another human who could edit an .htm file. Attempting to explain my horrific versioning system on the FTP server led me to do versioning on Github. Now I can edit the site on any device without needing to pull a fresh copy down. Great success!

I'm also into amateur radio (NG5P), cameras and bicycles.

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